Lactation Consulting

Whether you want to breastfeed, combination feed, or formula feed, we want to support you!

We can help you know your options and achieve your goals.

Our lactation consultation during pregnancy also includes tips and tricks for the family unit.
Ideally, bottle feeding should mimic feeding at the breast to allow the baby to pace feed and bond with you during meals. ***How do we make this work? We need them to know it's more than just breastfeeding that is discussed (for billing purposes)***
Ultimately, our main goal is healthy babies and happy mommas.
Our main job is to help you feel prepared, confident, and encouraged.

Lindsay - "I want to be the support system that I so desperately searched for after delivery. Knowing that I can help families realize that they are not alone in this journey, that there is support, and that I am part of it is the most rewarding feeling in the world."

Sarah - "I have a strong passion for prenatal breastfeeding education. After delivery, I enjoy helping moms reach their individual breastfeeding goals."

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