Your Healthcare

Your Healthcare

At the Woman’s Clinic, we believe firmly that every person has the right to determine the course of their own health care.  For women in particular, maintaining control of their own reproductive health has been a constant struggle throughout history.  We believe that it is a basic human right.  Information and education are available regarding several different types of reproductive treatment, including contraceptives, pregnancy services, and infertility treatments to name just a few.  If you have questions about or require medical attention for any of these feel free to come by the Woman’s Clinic in Jackson, TN.

Birth Control

We offer a variety of birth control options.  Some are hormone-based in function, while others simply help to provide a physical barrier to prevent fertilization of the eggs.  Some are orally taken, others inserted into the body.  The truth is, there are many, many different options available for birth control.  The type can be adjusted to suit anyone’s lifestyle or personal choice–and most modern procedures can be performed easily, swiftly, and with little to no pain.  Any sexually active woman should discuss with her doctor appropriate ways to avoid disease and unwanted pregnancies. 


We are proud to work with women who are throughout their pregnancy.  We are fully aware that these patients are going through an incredibly difficult time (they are growing another human inside of them, after all), and are happy to be there with them along the journey. 

Natural Family Planning

For women who wish to involve themselves in the process, utilizing natural procreative technologies can be exceptionally useful.  Women can chart the course of their own menstruation cycles and discuss their individual health situations with their personal physician.  Each care plan is tailored to the individual woman’s needs, and this system can help diagnose a whole host of issues such as inflammations, ovarian diseases or cysts, infertility and many more.  If you are trying to conceive (or even looking for a natural way to avoid procreating), natural family planning is worth looking into for your family. 


Let us be clear, infertility refers to a specific medical condition that requires at least a year of regular, failed attempts to conceive before it can even be diagnosed.  In the event that it is, the chances are about an even split regarding whether the medical problem lies with the male or the female or both.  We can work with your family to determine what is the root cause of the issue, and then take the appropriate steps to address it. 

The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. has been providing quality healthcare to the people of Tennessee for over six decades.  Our mission is to be the clinic of choice for women by providing exceptional and compassionate care for each woman, with personalized attention tailored to all stages of her life.  Feel free to stop by our office, located at 244 Coatsland Drive in Jackson, TN.  You can also reach us by calling 731-422-4642 or via our website,

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