Educational PDFs


Heart Failure

Take Action Now Stress and Heart Disease.pdf


Hypertension Action Plan.pdf


Take Action Now Family History and Heart Disease.pdf
Take Action Now Smoking and Heart Disease.pdf
Take Action Now Staying With Your Medication Plan.pdf
Take Action Now Women and Heart Disease.pdf


Breast Cancer Screening Helps Save Lives.pdf
Breast Cancer Screening Reminder.pdf
Colon Cancer Quiz.pdf
Colon Cancer Screening What Can I Expect.pdf
Colorectal Cancer Support Patient Education.pdf
Pap Test Reminder.pdf
Stay Healthy Breast Exam.pdf
What Is Breast Cancer.pdf
What Is Colorectal Cancer Who Is Affected.pdf
What Is a Mammogram.pdf
What You Need to Know About Colon Cancer.pdf


Diet and Diabetes.pdf
Exercise and Diabetes.pdf
Healthy Coping.pdf
Healthy Eating.pdf
How Diabetes Affects Your Body.pdf
How Type 2 Diabetes Can Affect Your Body.pdf
How to Read Nutrition Labels.pdf
Monitoring Blood Pressure.pdf
Monitoring Blood Sugar.pdf
Patient Action Plan.pdf
Reducing Risks.pdf
Smoking and Diabetes.pdf
Taking Medication.pdf
What If I Get Sick Diabetes Discharge Resource.pdf
Women and Diabetes.pdf
Your Diabetes Management Plan.pdf
Your Emotional Health and Diabetes.pdf
Youve Just Been Diagnosed With Diabetes Now What.pdf



Allergy Dos and Donts.pdf


Become Smoke Free.pdf
Living Well With Asthma.pdf

Healthy Living

Body Mass Index A Measure of Health.pdf
Counseling Patients for Improved Medication Safety and Compliance.pdf
Good Habits for a Healthy Back.pdf
How to Prepare for Your Doctors Visit.pdf
Nutrition and Exercise.pdf
Obesity What Is It.pdf
Shining the Light on Skin Care.pdf
Take Your Medicine Safely.pdf

Mental Health

Mental Illness Questions to Ask Your Doctor.pdf
Tips for Taking Medication.pdf
Tips for the Caregiver.pdf

Senior Health

Harmful Drug Disease Interaction in the Elderly.pdf
Importance of Coordination of Care for Seniors.pdf
Lets Talk About Cholesterol.pdf
Lets Talk About Diabetes Care.pdf
Lets Talk About High Blood Pressure.pdf
Managing My Health.pdf
My Medication Chart.pdf
Understanding the Complex Medication Management of Seniors.pdf

Vaccine Related


Adult Disease Tearsheet.pdf
At This Time of Year Adults Shouldnt Just Think About Flu.pdf
Do You Know Your Risk for Shingles.pdf
HPV Is a Virus That Can Cause.pdf
Heres To Your Health Learn All You Can About Flu.pdf
How Your Toddler Grows Every Visit Counts.pdf
Now Is the Time to Learn All You Can About Flu, Pneumococcal Disease, and Shingles Ask Doctor.pdf
Now Is the Time to Learn All You Can About Pneumo Disease and Flu HCP.pdf
Pneumococcal Disease Can Be a Serious Threat HCP.pdf
The ABCs of Hepatitis.pdf
Vaccines Are an Important Part of Wellness for All Ages.pdf
What Should I Know About Pneumococcal Disease Checkbox.pdf

Office Resources

Do You Know Vaccination Is Also Important for Adults.pdf
How Baby Grows.pdf

Women's Health


Providing Contraceptive Services.pdf
What Birth Control Is Best For You.pdf


Coping with Fertility Problems.pdf
Diagnosing Infertility.pdf
Fertility After Age 35.pdf
Fertility Drug Therapy Options.pdf
Learning About Infertility.pdf


Keeping Your Bones Healthy.pdf
Let's Talk About Osteoporosis.pdf
Staying Healthy Follow Up After a Fracture.pdf

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