Why Weight


  • We expect you to lose 3-5 pounds per week.

  • You first notice you are losing weight in your waist, hips and thighs (where most women carry their weight).

  • We will be your very own cheerleaders and can talk you off of that “brownie cliff.”

  • We have many testimonials right here in our clinic.

  • You won’t start losing weight until you make the decision to change your life for good.

The Science
The science behind this diet is medically sound. Your body burns three different fuels and it always burns them in a particular order.

The first fuel your body will burn is CARBOHYDRATES. Carbohydrates come from starchy foods, sugars, and some vegetables. They convert to sugar in the body and are burned quickly.

The next fuel burned is PROTEIN. Protein is your muscle mass and comes from animal meats and some vegetables. You never want to burn your muscle mass as your heart is a muscle.

Naturally, the last fuel your body will burn is FAT. The good news is that when we teach your body to burn fat for fuel, it is the rocket fuel of your body. Burning fat is a sustained energy that doesn’t fluctuate like carbohydrates.

The Program
Depending upon the amount of weight you want to lose, the plan can be just a weekly plan, or a 5-week plan. We want to make this experience as easy for you as possible, so if you have over 30 pounds to lose, we will cut your weight loss plan into 5 week sessions to make your weight loss experience “bite-sized.”

Do I eat your packaged foods? No, we want this to be the last time you ever have to “go on a diet.” We teach you how to eat properly for the rest of your life. You will be purchasing protein supplements from us, but your main food source will come from your grocery store of choice.

What is a typical meal? For lunch you will eat 1-2 cups of approved vegetables, 4 oz. of lean meat or fish, a protein supplement of your choice and if you are still hungry, unlimited lettuce. A favorite at the Woman’s Clinic is to take 1-2 cups of broccoli and cauliflower and put it in the cream of broccoli or chicken bouillon soup protein supplement with grilled chicken. It makes a really nice stew.

The Price
Your initial visit includes 30-45 minutes with one of our Nurse Practitioners. They will explain the diet to you, answer any questions, weigh you and measure you from head to toe. Also at your initial visit you will receive a Starter Kit that includes 35 protein supplements (11 days worth) from drinks, to bars, to soups so you can try them and decide on your personal favorites. The starter kit also includes a 30 day supply of a multi-vitamin and a 30 day supply of an essential fatty acid (EFA). The total price for the first visit is $182.31 (including tax).

We have found that most patients spend an average of $60 each week which includes the protein supplements they will need for the following week and their visit with the nurse practitioner to assess their weight loss and answer any questions.

Why Weight FAQ

How does the diet work?
Your body burns three different fuels and it always burns them in a particular order.
1st – Carbohydrates – This is your quick energy, but also burns up quickly leaving you craving more carbohydrates.
2nd – Protein – This is your muscle mass and you never want to lose your muscle mass.
3rd – Fat – Fat is the rocket fuel of your body but in order to get your body to use it, you must limit your carbohydrates and increase the protein without adding bad fats.

How much does it cost?  (Will I have to sell the house to sustain it?)
Your first visit will be the most expensive.  You will spend 30-40 minutes with one of our trained Nurse Practitioners who will explain the diet, weigh you and measure you from head to toe.  Also at that first visit you will purchase a Starter Pack.  This consists of 11+ days worth of protein supplements, 30 days of a good multi-vitamin and 30 days of an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) which is needed to help your body burn fat.  The total cost is $182.31.  Most of our patients spend an additional $49.39 each week for their protein supplements.  You will also need to check in with your Nurse Practitioner coach each week for a cost of $10.

How fast do I lose weight?
Of course, it will all depend upon how committed you are and how much weight you need to lose.  Most of our patients lose between 5-7 pounds the first week and 3-5 pounds each week thereafter.  We’ve found that losing a larger amount at the very beginning is important psychologically to help you sustain the restrictions of the weight loss plan.

Is it healthy to lose weight that quickly?
There is no scientific evidence showing how losing weight in this manner is detrimental to your health.

How long do I have to restrict what I eat?
We teach you how to eat properly and make your body burn fat for fuel.  However, if you go back to your current high carbohydrate diet for a prolonged period, you will gain the weight back.  You have to make that choice.

What if I have more than 50 pounds to lose?  Will I be dieting forever?
We would like for you to move away from the word "dieting" and start using the term Healthy Living. However, the answer to this question is - No. If you have more than 50 pounds to lose, we like to break the program up into “bite-sized” pieces.  We will ask you to commit to 5 weeks on our plan.  We’ve found that by losing that first 20+ pounds in that 5 weeks, you can commit to being on the plan for another 5 weeks, and so on until you reach your healthy weight.

What if I won’t eat green vegetables?
That’s easy!  This plan isn’t for you.  Like we’ve said, this is a healthy weight loss program and everyone needs green vegetables in their diet.

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